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I am Tyreese McAllister

I’m a transformational therapist and trainer.  My agency, Clinical & Forensic Associates focuses on training, treating, and transforming law enforcement agencies and how they respond to citizens with mental illness and other vulnerabilities. We are the go-to agency to train law enforcement agencies best practices in working with our most vulnerable citizens. But that is not all we do.  We highly value our community superheroes.  In response to the high-risk, high-stress work officers engage in daily, we work with officers to encourage them to prioritize and care for their own mental health and wellness.   

Did you know that mentally ill individuals are 16 times more likely to be killed by police officers? Again, 1 in 4 law enforcement officers have thought about suicide.

We train law enforcement officers on how to respond to cases involving mentally ill citizens and provide them with knowledge and practical, tactical, and actionable skills to gain compliance versus force compliance, avoid excessive use of force lawsuits, reduce citizen complaints, and sustain their own mental health while protecting and serving the community.

What is the pain point for your agency?

Many agencies have experienced one or more excessive use of force lawsuits. Agencies often get more citizen complaints than they care to.  Perhaps your officers don’t possess the knowledge and skills to effectively respond to people living with mental illness or in crisis. Often agencies are dealing with officer low morale or burnout.  CFA will create a solution to effectively and quickly solve your problem.  Reach out to us today! 

Why choose Clinical & Forensic Associates?

CFA offers custom-tailored solutions based on your department’s needs, challenges, and strengths. In addition, our team is experienced in addressing mental illness and other vulnerabilities that may compromise the safety of citizens and officers.  We begin with an assessment of the agency and identify the issues and then develop a plan to resolve issues. Our team provides the appropriate services to include (training, consultation, technical assistance) and then celebrate the results. 

Who We Are

Welcome to Clinical & Forensic Associates! We are a United States-based organization championing police reform by revolutionizing how law enforcement officers respond to incidents of citizens experiencing mental illness, intellectual disabilities, autism, substance abuse, and more. Clinical & Forensic Associates was established in 2016 by Tyreese R. McAllister, an extensively experienced therapist with a deep conviction to do her part in achieving community safety.  At the heart of her work, she is a mental health clinician and mental health and wellness advocate and desires that all address and overcome traumatic life events to live out their dreams and purposes. Tyreese is a transformational leader in promoting mental health and wellness, community safety, and community engagement. 

What We Do

At Clinical & Forensic Associates, we understand that police officers do more than enforce the law; they encounter individuals with mental illness more frequently than people who are breaking the law. A mentally ill person is 16 times more likely to be killed or harassed by a police officer than other suspects. In addition, over 40% of incarcerated Americans suffer from one or more mental illnesses.

Clinical & Forensic Associates was established with law enforcement officers in mind.  We train, treat, and transform police departments.  We train officers with best practices to work with individuals who are compromised by mental illness or other vulnerabilities.  The knowledge and skills taught in our program help officers gain compliance versus force compliance, reduce the need for excessive use of force, and equip officers with the knowledge, skills, and mindset to be effective with vulnerable populations. 


We treat law enforcement officers and their family members through our clinical practice.  We offer clinical services and coaching for law enforcement personnel with an understanding that when officers are mentally healthy, they make less mistakes, they avoid burnout, and demonstrate more empathy and emotional intelligence. The nature of their career, police are exposed to traumatic incidents and EAP services are largely underutilized. Studies show there is a high prevalence of mental health issues among law enforcement personnel, to include depression, stress, anger, anxiety, trauma, and alcoholism. For this reason, we are committed to providing training and treatment that will address encourage officers to prioritize their own mental health and wellness. Our training and treatment services are instrumental in decreasing mental health symptoms, suicidal thoughts, and increasing morale, self-care, job satisfaction, and community engagement among police officers.

CFA is about transforming how police engage with citizens with mental illness and other vulnerabilities, but also how they deal with their own mental health and wellness. Our work has led to mindset shifting, which has resulted in officers using newly acquired knowledge and skills to get the job done, while avoiding use of force lawsuits and citizen complaints.

Why Choose Us

We take pride in delivering customized mental health training based on your department’s needs. We have a team of highly experienced health professionals that specialize in emergency mental in the community, as well as the mental health and wellness issues present in the law enforcement industry. We offer practical, actionable, and tactical solutions that officers can implement immediately. We provide both physical and virtual training sessions. Reach out to us today 


Our mission is to train law enforcement agencies on best practices to work with citizens with mental illnesses and other vulnerabilities effectively and to encourage law enforcement officers to take care of their own mental health and overall well-being.   


Our vision is to transform how law enforcement respond to high risk citizens experiencing mental illness and/or in crisis and how they deal with their own mental health and wellbeing. 


Integrity and Professionalism

We seek to remain reliable and trustworthy by showing the highest commitment to transparency, respect, and honesty. We strive to maintain a team of talented, skilled, experienced, and committed mental health professionals, human resource consultants, community activist, and law enforcement officers.


We understand that our clients are central to our success. That’s why we seek to offer unmatched satisfaction by providing custom-tailored solutions that meet your agency’s needs.


We are committed to working with law enforcement agencies to address issues that fuel police reform in a way that supports good police practices, keeps officers and citizens safe, encourages community engagement and promotes public safety.


We offer a cadre of programs to train and transform law enforcement personnel to include crisis intervention, mental illness, active listening skills, emotional intelligence, empathy, bias training, and de-escalation techniques, and more. We are specialists in providing practical, tactical, and actionable solutions to help officers protect and serve.


We strive to excel by remaining innovative in handling our client's needs. We embrace continuous learning to keep updated with trends and new solutions to mental health issues in the law enforcement industry.