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Kevette Minor Kane, CFEI, CEIP

Kevette Minor Kane, CFEI, CEIP

Financial Liberation Expert

Financial Liberation Expert

MarimorLife Mindset & Money Management


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Kevette Minor Kane is a financial liberation expert, an ambassador for “self-worth and gratitude” and a proponent for women’s empowerment, especially for women in business. She guides women and men on their journey to self-sufficiency by educating them to take back their financial power and supporting them in gaining the confidence to fulfill their purpose in life. Kevette understands money trauma and financial abuse because of her personal experience. She survived three major traumatic events in less than a two year period, including: surviving a major natural disaster and the devastation of the aftermath, the death of a parent and management of final affairs without proper funding, as well as, divorce after almost two decades of abuse. She has learned to thrive despite the challenges and obstacles many face in life. She serves because she understands the need and her passion is to ease or prevent the pain of others with her personal insight and wisdom from the lessons she has learned. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and decided to gain additional certifications in both Emotional Intelligence and Financial Education because she values continuing education and understands the correlation between emotions and money management. The goal is to encourage and empower every woman to establish and maintain a healthy and whole lifestyle. Kevette has done this work within herself and lives by the motto, “Never Underestimate Your Ability to Thrive.” As CEO & Founder of MarimorLife Mindset & Money Management her mission is to elevate women worldwide to a greater quality of life. As an educator, a public speaker and an author she shares her message of financial liberation through a transformational process which incorporates emotional-mental well-being with improved financial habits for continued success.

  • Kevette serves as a nonprofit volunteer to provide financial education to underserved communities to support and promote financial literacy.
  • Kevette was highlighted by Vision & Purpose Magazine in their September 2020 issue for her passion as a public speaker.
  • She became a published author as co-author of the book “Reinvented to Rise: Stories of Women Who Transformed in Order to Soar ” having written the third chapter of that book, entitled “From Rescue Fantasy to Full Responsibility ”.
  • She has been recognized as one of the Top 50 Unstoppable Innovators of 2021 in Women of Distinction Magazine in October 2021.
  • Kevette has been named one of SUCCESS Magazine’s TOP 125 Thought Leaders of 2021 (published February 2022)
  • She is a monthly contributor to iShine Magazine and Santana Global Magazine with column articles in each publication encouraging Mindset & Money Management
  • Kevette writes the #TYM2THRIVE Blog at
  • Kevette hosts the #TYM2THRIVE Broadcast on YouTube
  • She is anticipating the launch of her first solo author book, Transform Your Mind & Transform Your Money to Thrive in April of 2022.
  • She continues to serve her community to full capacity in her work through MarimorLife Mindset & Money Management.

She enjoys connecting with individuals at various stages on their journey to self-sufficiency. You may connect with her as she provides a wealth of resources and rewards through her online community at because she believes that now is your time to thrive.

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